January 11th, 2009

Table Love

There aren't many things in my house that I really really love -- a lot of our furniture is pretty shabby, or just functional, or weirdly inherited from the previous owners of the house. We do have one really nice couch, thanks to my mum, but aside from that there is only one thing I truly adore, and that's our dining room table.

I suppose technically it's four things, because it's a table plus a bench and two chairs, purchased in 2000 from Pier 1 Imports when we were outfitting our apartment in Chicago. We've been lugging it around with us ever since, and I have stubbornly resisted any suggestion that we trade it in for something smaller.

Here's why I love it:

- It's just so...sturdy. It's hefty. It's chunky. It's this incredibly robust thing. The table top is several inches thick, and the bench is similarly massive. They both stand on these cross-shaped legs that make them almost look as if they were stolen from a campsite.
- The lovely dark colour of the wood. Almost black, but not quite, and very reminsicent of the dark wood trim I so adore around the windows and doorways in a classic old Chicago apartment.
- The table is just crazily broad You can have all these things going on at once -- a baby eating at one end, a kid playing dolls halfway down, me reading a book at the other end, and maybe a radio perched on the side playing music for us all. And still acres of space to spare.

It's not something I'd necessarily embroider on a potholder, but I really think every house needs to have a really good table at its heart -- a place for everyone to meet, to dump their stuff, to occasionally overload with junk until someone finally snaps and clears the damn thing.

And so, Pier 1 table, I salute you!

Here's a (rather dark) photo...


And a drawing of me hugging the aforementioned furniture item. (Drawn, rather oddly, while I was at a cafe and hence did not have the table to use as a model. It's surely a testament to how much I love the table that I managed to capture the thing pretty darn closely...)