Hello, I am emerging from my several years'-worth of self-imposed LJ withdrawal to see if I can get back into this thing. Somehow I completely slipped off the LJ wagon around about the time we moved to the UK, and now we've been here more than two years with no real written record of what that's been like and how it feels and what it means and all that jazz.

So, I am here again, dipping a toe. Anyone got anything they'd like to know?

The Joy of Text

So one of my New Year's resolutions this year is to try to reconnect to the joy of reading -- for whatever reason I have recently been stricken with a sort of apathy/anhedonia or just general dissatisfaction with reading. Partly it must be due to all the other stuff that has been going on with me (i.e. The Move) and also it may be the books I have been choosing.

So, Friendslisters, please make me a recommendation or two. What book/author would you prescribe to someone in order to kickstart their bibliophilia? When you hear the phrase "a pleasure to read" which books spring to mind? Could be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or anything really...

Radio! Tonight!

Hey ho people,

I'm on the radio tonight! From 8-10pm (IL time), don't forget to tune in and hear Transatlantica: An Eclectic Mix of the Best of British Music. You'll be sorry if you don't.

Why, you ask? Well how's this for starters. What are three of the best things in music? How about

- The honey-rich baritone of Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy)
- The songwriting prowess of Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian)
- Male/female duets

Now what would you say if I told you that tonight I'll be playing a track that combines all three of these elements? Exciting, no? Seriously, all it needs is some handclaps and it might just be the greatest song ever written...

"Sandwich!" "Coffee!"

Just thought I would share this excellent clip from UK sitcom "The IT Crowd" -- it makes me laugh every time I see it.

On a side note, Esme also loves it, and re-enacts it on a regular basis. It's even got to the point where Lucian picks up two random objects and goes "Sandwich!" [throws one] "Coffee!" [throws the other one] and then laughs like a drain.

Radio! Seriously!

Hey ho all,

Just a reminder that tonight is Transatlantica night! In about half an hour, I'll be on the radio doing my usual 2-hour show, playing an eclectic mix of the best of British music! Click here to open up a webstream and listen in.

8-10pm, Illinois time, on WEFT (90.1fm) -- Community radio for East Central Illinois