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bandersnatch_02's Journal

Born and raised in the UK, I now live in Urbana, IL, where I am in the process of getting an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction). Once I graduate I plan to buy myself a nice big Caribbean island and wait for those big fat short-story-publication checks to come rolling in. MFAs, for those who were unaware, are like a license to print your own money. In the meantime I'm working as a copywriter and doing my radio show to stay amused. (See link.)

I only recently moved down here from Chicago, where I spent the last four years. Am the husband of a rockin' librarian called Lisa, and the father of Esme, who was born in April '04 and is wonderful and fabulous. More recently came Lucian, a flaming redhead with a cheeky grin and serious crawling power. Have kids, everyone -- they're sweet.
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